You know what they say. There's nothing like the Classics!

Fill your belly with flavors that keep your taste buds happy and your body craving more.

What’s your Blendz?

Fruit Flirtation
Raspberry, strawberry, banana, and orange. Go ahead and flirt!

Watermelon Wave
Watermelon, raspberry, strawberry, and banana. Ride the wave!

Berry Berry Blue
Raspberry, fresh-squeezed orange juice, blueberry, banana, and pineapple. Sure to keep you berry satisfied!

Banana-Berry Burst
Skim milk, vanilla yogurt, banana, honey, and blueberry OR strawberry. A creamy berry blend!

All Nighter
Cold brew coffee, soy milk, fat-free frozen vanilla yogurt, chocolate.

Luscious Lemon
Lemon, raspberry, lime, choice of strawberry, blueberry or both.

Lime Your Mine
Lime, raspberry and strawberry.

Skim milk, fat-free frozen vanilla yogurt, banana, chocolate, peanut butter.

Pick it Yourself
Your choice of juice, fat-free frozen vanilla yogurt, low-fat sherbet, and 2 fruits.

Sunset Beach
Watermelon, strawberry, peaches, orange.

Peanut butter, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, fat-free frozen vanilla yogurt.

Sunshine Passion
Guava/Passion fruit, peach, orange, and strawberry.

Orange Crush
Fresh-squeezed orange juice and fat-free vanilla frozen yogurt and more oranges.

A Healthy Future
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