Our Company

The Berry Blendz brand was born out of almost 18 years of experience in the smoothie business! Established in Northern CO, an area known for having active and healthy lifestyles, we put a delicious spin on fruit and veggies and thrive on giving you tasty and nutritional fast food alternatives. Our Blendz are made to order with fresh fruits and veggies and will leave your tastebuds happy and craving more! 

Remaining true to the goals of controlled steady growth, Berry Blendz has been strategically developing locations in several states. Providing convenient locations nationwide, we move convenience forward by focusing on developing stores with drive-thru accessibility, efficient store layouts, and several different types of non-traditional franchise programs.

As Berry Blendz continues to expand, the chain is actively franchising with numerous stores in operation and many more in the planning, building, or opening phase. Look for a Berry Blendz to open near you!


Did you know?

Berry Blendz HQ is nestled in one of the most physically active regions of the United States.

Here’s to a Healthy Future

Health sells. Especially when it’s delicious! Everyone’s looking for a healthy lifestyle, just like you’re looking for a healthy return on your investments. Want to experience a nutritious bottom line? Cool off with hot sales, and become a Berry Blendz franchisee!

Find your flavor.Feed your health.

Whether you’re quenching your nutrition needs, or looking for a healthy alternative to the quick lunch, it helps to be fruitful. Berry Blendz real fruit smoothies and fresh squeezed juices are your source for health-conscious nourishment that is full of nature’s own energy.

What makes a difference?

Customer Service

Our customers are always our highest priority.


From taste to enjoyment, you’ll have the same Berry Blendz experience wherever you go.


We take proper food handling and the appearance of our stores very seriously.

Name a Blendz

Every iconic Blendz starts with a good name. Give us your best power shot!