Some things can’t be labeled.
Why limit yourself?

Ever get tired of categories? Then here are the smoothies for you – full of flavor that’s beyond classification. There’s a world of healthy flavors out there! Live outside the typical, and go for the extraordinary every once in a while.

Healthy flavors know no boundaries! Whatever you decide, your mouth deserves a surprise.

What’s your Blendz?

Matcha Green Tea shaken with your choice of soy milk, apple or orange juice.

Pick-It Yourself
For those searching for their own Flavor! Choose one juice, two fruits, and a frozen product!

Chai High
Chai Tea, skim milk, vanilla yogurt, and strawberry. A spicy sip of pure nirvana!

Soy Joy
Soy milk, banana, honey, and a fruit of your choice. Experience the joy of soy!

Mocha Freeze
Real coffee, chocolate, and vanilla yogurt. Blended coffee done right!

Chocolate, banana, peanut butter, skim milk, and frozen yogurt. A bit addicting!

Udder Chocolate
An ‘utter-ly’ indulgent blend of skim milk, vanilla yogurt, and chocolate!

A Healthy Future
Own Your Own Franchise!